Over 50 Years of Custom Plastic Profile Extrusions

Founded in 1970

With an entrepreneurial spirit and innovative ideas, Formtech Enterprises, Inc. was founded in May 1970 in Akron, Ohio - the rubber capital of the world.   As a manufacturer producing foam PVC moldings and custom plastic extrusions, they began helping OEMs solve product and manufacturing challenges with innovative solutions.

1970s - Early Adapter of the Co-Extrusion Process

In the early 1970s, Formtech attempted co-extrusion - extruding two materials, such as a flexible PVC and a rigid material, into a single profile.  This innovation helped OEMs in different markets, such as office furniture and windows and doors, with improved product use, appearance and lower costs.  

1980s - Twin-Screws & Wood Plastic Composite

With a need for more capacity, the company built and moved into a new manufacturing facility in nearby Stow, Ohio in 1981.  Formtech continued developing new skills and capabilities in order to help customers reduce costs, such as extruding with twin-screw machines.  Also, during this time, Formtech began producing profiles with wood plastic composite materials.

1980s - New Facility in Georgia

In 1988, Formtech opened a new facility near Athens, GA to supply its growing customer base in the southern US.  This manufacturing facility used twin-screw extruders, producing profiles with wood plastic composite and PVC.   In addition, the company started extruding 4 different materials into one profile and performing more inline and offline fabrication.

1990s - Clear Plastic Extrusions

In the 1990s and early 2000s, Formtech acquired complementary extrusion companies, including the Yates Company, located in Erie, PA, and gained an expertise in extruding clear plastic profiles with exceptional clarity.  OEMs in the electrical and retail display industries use these clear plastic profiles.  In addition, this plant extruded materials such as polyethylene, polycarbonate, and polystyrene.

2000s - New Facility in Pennsylvania

In 2006, the company moved from its Erie location into a new manufacturing facility built in Fairview, PA.  With the increased capacity, this Formtech facility has the ability to supply OEM customers in the Northeast and Midwest regions, as well as nationally.  

2000s - Large Extrusions

In 2005, the Formtech facility near Athens, GA developed the ability to extrude large profiles for seawalls and retaining walls. The new product called, TRULINE®, was tested in premier third-party labs, as well as, in actual shoreline protection installations.  The product is sold directly to licensed and insured general or marine contractors.  View the Truline website.

2020 - 50th Anniversary

Celebrated 50 years of innovation!