1:  Engineering

Once we understand your manufacturing or product challenges, we will get to work on finding a solution and providing a quote.  We will offer options and suggestions, ensuring that your challenges are solved and your requirements are met. (View the pre-engineering checklist below)

2:  Tooling

We use in-house tooling capabilities and a global network of world-class tooling suppliers to create extrusion and fabrication tooling that will guarantee efficient, cost-effective production of your plastic extruded profiles.  Formtech maintains your tooling to ensure that your products stay within specifications.

3:  Samples

Before we proceed to production, we will send you part samples and a PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) for your review and approval. This allows you to see, feel, and use your extruded products to determine if any modifications are necessary.

4:  Production

Once we receive your sample approval, we can start production per your purchase order. Our quality assurance team will work with you to ensure proper control procedures are in place so each production run creates high quality products that meet your expectations.

5:  Delivery

Custom packaging options are available to ensure that your product arrives safely to your facility. Kitting, bagging, custom labeling, and other services are available to ensure that the products delivered are easy for you to use. We will coordinate the shipping arrangements using your carrier of choice.

6:  Service

For over 50 years, we have taken pride in knowing our customers and their parts, in order to provide excellent customer service.

Pre-Engineering Checklist

Formtech is committed to producing products that solve the manufacturing and product needs of our customers, while providing options to reduce costs as much as possible.  To ensure we meet this goal, the following will be reviewed:

Shape & Application

  • What are the dimensions of the product?  Provide a drawing, preferably in AutoCAD format, of your profile.
  • Which dimensions are critical?
  • What tolerances must be maintained?
  • What is the application of your profile?
  • Are there mating parts?
  • What is the length of your extrusion?
  • Do you require fabrication? Embossing? Adhesive?


  • What are the material requirements for your profile?
  • Is there a specific material that you would like Formtech to use?
  • Will your product be used in an outdoor environment or an indoor environment?
  • To what temperature range will the profile be exposed?
  • How should the material function in its application?


  • What color is your profile?
  • Does your profile need to match another part?

Assembly, Packaging & Inventory

  • Do you need kiting service or assembly of parts?
  • How do you want the profile to be packaged?


  • What is the annual volume of your profile?
  • How much product do you anticipate purchasing at a time?

Delivering the Product and Experience

We are committed to providing outstanding value and excellent customer service.